The format is as follows

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Many Model United Nations Conferences require delegates to bring previously prepared resolutions with them. UMLMUN does not allow any delegate to bring resolutions that they have previously prepared. Delegates are to work together during the conference to combine their ideas and mold them with other member states to form resolutions that can be used for debate. There are basic criteria required for each resolution.

-Each working paper must have (depending on the committee) 3 sponsors and 3 signatories.

-A sponsor of a resolution is a country that has been one of the principle authors of the document and agrees with its substance.

- A signatory is a country that may or may not agree with the substance of the resolution, but would like to see it debated on the floor.

The format is as follows:


  • Committee: The committee in which the resolution is introduced

  • Topic: The topic of the resolution

  • Sponsored by: The sponsoring countries

  • Signatories: List of signatories


The preamble is to show us that there is a problem that needs to be solved. The preamble of the resolution does everything but propose action or makes any substantive statements regarding the topic at hand. Each clause must begin with one of the perambulatory classes that are included in this background guide. The first word in each clause should be underlined, and each clause in the preamble should end with a comma.

Operative Clauses

The operative clauses are the statements within the resolution that explain and request action. This is the most crucial portion of the resolution because it outlines the actions that are to be taken by the Member States to alleviate the issue. Remember, only the Security Council can enforce any actions. The other committees can only request action to be taken. All operative clauses end with semicolon except that the final clauses, which ends with a period.


These are the alterations or the changes to a resolution or the changes to a resolution that will occur while debating a resolution. The style, wording and intent of the amendments should complement the original draft resolution. These follow the pattern of the resolution already stated in the document but present new viewpoint or suggestion. These are two types of amendments.

Friendly Amendments: This is a change to the resolution that ALL sponsors agree with. This will be automatically adopted into the resolution.

Unfriendly Amendments: This is an amendment that not all sponsors of the resolution support. This amendment will be put to debate and then voted on by the committee as a whole.

Sample Draft Resolution

Committee: Disarmament and International Security

Subject: Weapons in space

Sponsors: Saudi Arabia, Brazil, India, South Africa, France, Libya, Turkey, Germany

Signatories: UK, USA, Indonesia, Russian Federation

The General Assembly,

Recognizing the common interests of all mankind in regards to the opportunities presented to it by outer space, and that the exploration and use of outer space should be carried out for the benefit of all,

Expressing real concern over the threat of an outer space arms race,

Affirming the importance of the ability of all states to both access and utilize nuclear and outer space technology within a peace-oriented framework,

Addressing the concerns of both developed and developing nations regarding the right to said equal and peaceful access to space,

Noting concern for the weakness of certain agreements and a lack thereof of their implementation,

Reaffirming the importance of establishing key standards to judge differences between technological satellites, other legitimate space objects, and objects of mal intent,

Recognizing the importance of the danger of outer space debris
Recalling and taking into account all relevant resolutions pertaining to the peaceful use of outer space,

Reaffirming that all nation states should be held accountable to the 1972 Liability Convention, holding them responsible for any damage caused by any missile tests,

Calling attention to the importance of an all state transparency policy clearly stating their intentions, policies and motivations in regards to their pursuits and objectives in space,

  1. Calls upon all nations to show their support for and join on to the Committee on the Peaceful uses of Outer Space;

  2. Requests that COPUOS devote their attention to ensuring rigorous enforcement and implementation of existing agreements;

  3. Urges nations to desist in the placing of nuclear weapons in space;

  4. Affirms that outer space is regarded as open to all and belonging to none and as such, emphasizes the importance that states desist in blocking international negotiations on space arms control;

  5. Calls for the establishment of clear definitions of legitimate space objects and objects of mal intent;

  6. Calls for the establishment of an Outer Space Debris Clean Up Program (OSDCP) which will
    a. Utilize laser broom technology;
    b. Support the continued reduction of space debris;

  7. Requests that nations provide proportional funding to OSDCP based on the extent of their space technology, dependant on the value of assets currently in outer space;
    a. Suggests that payments be delayed in regards to countries entering space for the first time;

  8. Encourages those states that wish to retire obsolete satellites without bringing them back to Earth, remove them from orbit and shift them into the already established graveyard;

  9. Also calls for all nation states responsible for the creation of new space debris to take steps to work towards total elimination of said debris;

  10. Encourages all nations to refrain from using debris-producing ASAT weapons,
    a. If nations do use ASAT weapons, they must submit their plan to COPUOS and adhere to any applied restrictions;

  11. Calls for all states to have limited capability to shoot down satellites only with proper approval from the Security Council;

  12. Calls upon states to seek approval from the Security Council in the case of a satellite crisis;

  13. Requests for the SC in alliance with COPUOS to respond within 48 hours;

  14. Discourages all states from pursuing programs to develop counter space capabilities capable of denying others access to space;

  15. Emphasizes the importance of limiting and restricting the number of space weapons for purely defensive purposes which are heavily monitored by early warning satellite systems;

  16. Recommends that all states remain informed of dissenting actors and their progress in deployment capabilities;

  17. Strongly suggests that all nations diminish their focus on weaponization of space in their national security doctrines;

  18. Suggests that all states show their support by completing their ratification of the OST and the IAEA;

  19. Suggests a creation of an early warning system by the Security Council for use in tracking space programs and their objects that pose potential threats and prevent any suspicious activity;

  20. Urges all nation states to attend a January 2009 conference headed by The Russian Federation and the United States of America as hosted in neutral Croatia, in order to further discuss either a ban or cap on the implementation of weapons in space,
    a. This conference shall address the reestablishment of the committee for the prevention of another arms race in outer space and a possible reestablishment of PAROS.

Preambulatory Clauses


Alarmed by


Bearing in mind


Cognizant of




Deeply concerned

Deeply regretting




Expressing concern

Expressing its satisfaction


Fully alarmed

Fully aware

Fully believing

Having adopted

Having considered

Having devoted attention

Having examined

Having studied

Keeping in mind

Noting further

Noting with approval

Noting with regret

Noting with satisfaction








Taking into account

Taking note

Operative Clauses



Calls for

Calls upon




Declares accordingly






Expresses its appreciation

Draws attention

Expresses its hope

Further proclaims



Further reminds

Further requests

Further resolves

Has resolved








Solemnly affirms

Strongly condemns


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