Dracula chapters 20 -21 – Study Guide

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Chapters 20 -21 – Study Guide

  1. Where are the 21 boxes missing from Carfax taken?

Six of the twenty one missing boxes are taken to 197 Chicksand Street, Mile End, New Town, and another six went to Jamaica Lane, Bermonsdey. The other nine went to Piccadilly. Pg. 358-362

  1. What change does Jonathan Harker notice about Mina?

Jonathan notices that Mina looks very pale, and that she looks as though she’s been crying. Pg. 360

  1. Renfield says that he wants life from other beings, but he does not want something else. What is it he does not want?

Renfield doesn’t want souls. Pg. 369

  1. Dr. Seward notices that twice Renfield stops himself before uttering a specific word. What word is it?

Renfield stops himself from saying the word “drink” twice. Pg. 369, 372

  1. After Dr. Seward leaves Renfield, what does the doctor realize?

The doctor realizes that that Count Dracula has been to Renfield. Pg. 374

  1. Who do the realtors at Mitchell, Sons, and Candy claim purchased the house in Piccadilly?

The realtors claim that the Count de Ville purchased the house at Piccadilly. Pg. 375

  1. What does Dr. Seward hear coming from Renfield’s room that alarms him?

Dr. Seward hears Renfield yell, and this act alarms him. Pg. 377

  1. The asylum attendant reports to Dr. Seward that Renfield has met with an accident. Describe Renfied’s injuries.

Renfield’s face had been horribly bruised and had been cudgeled against the floor. His back had also been broken, and he couldn’t have been able to left or right legs. Pg. 378

  1. What procedure does Van Helsing perform on Renfield?

Van Helsing performs a trephining procedure on Renfield, which removes a blot clot in the head that can cause fatal pressure. Pg. 380

  1. What does Count Dracula promise Renfield in exchange for letting him into the asylum?

Count Dracula promises Renfield millions of rats and other lives for as long as Renfield lived. Pg. 384

  1. Why does Renfield become angry with the Count?

Renfield becomes angry with the Count because he slid through Renfield’s window without knocking, and also acted as though he owned the place. He also didn’t send Renfield any of the things he promised him. Pg. 385

  1. What does Renfield notice about Mina Harker?

Renfield notices that Mina Harker looks like a teapot that had been watered, and she had been drained of her blood. Pg. 385

  1. Describe the encounter between Renfield and Dracula when the Count returns to the asylum.

When the Count returns to the asylum, Renfield grabs him because he is angry about what the Count has done. He was able to hold on until he saw the Count’s eyes, when his strength left him and he was manhandled by the Count. Pg. 386

  1. Describe the scene Van Helsing, Dr. Seward, Lord Godalming, and Quincey Morris witness after breaking down the door to the Harkers' bedroom.

When the trio breaks down the door, they see the Count forcing Mina to drink the blood from his open chest. Jonathan is lying on the bed next to the window in a stupor, and Mina is as pale as she’s ever been before. Pg. 387

  1. Upon escaping, what does the Count do with the typed manuscript and phonograph diary entries?

The Count burnt all of the typed manuscripts and phonograph diaries in the quick escape. Pg. 392

  1. Recount Mina’s description of her encounter with Dracula.

She had taken something to help her sleep, and Jonathan had come to her side during the night. This hadn’t awakened her. During the night, a mist crept into the room and turned into the figure of the Count. He threatened to kill Jonathan if she made a sound, and then he began to drink her blood. The Count then cut his breast with his fingernails and forced Mina to drink his blood or suffocate. Pg. 394-396


Chapters 22 -23 – Study Guide

  1. What do the men discover when they return to Renfield’s room?

When the men return to Renfield’s room, they find him on the floor, dead. The attendant said that he had heard two voices and Renfield crying out “God” three times before it was over. Pg. 398

  1. What decision do Dr. Seward and Van Helsing make regarding Mina’s knowledge of their activities?

Dr. Seward and Van Helsing decide that there should be no more concealment of their activities from Mina. Pg. 399

  1. Mina vows to kill herself if she will endanger the others in any way. Why does Dr. Van Helsing tell her this cannot be?

If Mina dies before the Count is dead, then Mina will turn into a vampire like the Count. Pg. 400

  1. How does Van Helsing propose to enter the Count’s locked house in Piccadilly by daylight without drawing unnecessary attention?

Van Helsing proposes to enter Piccadilly by employing a locksmith to pick the lock. This will not draw attention to the people entering the house. Pg. 403

  1. Why does Van Helsing say that the group will be unlikely to run into the Count during the day?

The Count drank a lot of Mina’s blood last night, and will probably sleep in late. Pg. 406

  1. What happens as a result of Van Helsing’s attempt to protect Mina from the Count while they are gone?

When Van Helsing touches a host to Mina’s forehead, it burns through her skin like hot metal. Pg. 408

  1. How does Van Helsing purify the boxes of earth at Carfax?

Van Helsing purifies the boxes of earth by putting a piece of host in each box. Pg. 410

  1. What are the men distressed to learn about the boxes of earth at the Piccadilly house?

There are only eight boxes in the Piccadilly house, and nine were missing. Pg. 413

  1. What personal effects belonging to the Count do the men find at Piccadilly?

The men find deeds to all of the houses the Count has purchased, and things to keep the Count’s toilette like a comb and a water basin. There were also keys to all the other houses the Count had. Pg. 414

  1. Describe the physical changes that have taken place in Jonathan Harker in the past twenty four hours.

Instead of having a cheerful, youthful face, he has the face of an old haggard man. He now has hollow, burning eyes instead of curious eyes but still has the same energy as he did before. Pg. 415

  1. What does Van Helsing learn of Count Dracula’s mortal life?

Van Helsing learns that the Count was a wonderful man in his normal life, a soldier, statesman and alchemist. He was also very intelligent and clever. Pg. 416

  1. What message is delivered to Van Helsing at the Piccadilly house?

Van Helsing receives a message from Mina that says that the Count has just gone out of Carfax and is hurriedly heading towards the south, for what she thinks will be a rendezvous with the group. Pg. 418

  1. Who is the first to attempt to attack the Count upon Dracula’s arrival at Piccadilly?

The first person who attempts to attack the Count is Jonathan Harker. Pg. 421

  1. How does the Count escape capture from the group at Piccadilly?

The Count escapes the group at Piccadilly by jumping through a window before he can be stabbed by Jonathan Harker, and then he runs into the stable in the back of Piccadilly. Pg. 422

  1. What does the Count desperately attempt to take with him as he escaped from the house?

The Count desperately tries to take gold coin and other currency with him as he leaves the house, as well as the deeds to his house. Pg. 423

  1. What is the noise that Mina hears outside their bedroom in the night?

Mina hears Mrs. Morris outside of her door, guarding the entrance. Pg. 428

  1. What request does Mina make of Van Helsing?

Mina requests that Dr. Van Helsing hypnotize her. Pg. 429

  1. With what information is Mina able to supply Van Helsing?

Mina is able to tell Van Helsing where Dracula is, that he is on a ship. He is with the last box. Pg. 431

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